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1Password 团队致力于将密码的记忆和管理变成过去式。我们开发的 1Password 让安全管理变得轻松简单。

帮助他人记住密码,这是一项高尚的工作。 我们的应用程序不断更新,还可以做得更好。 每一天,我们都与数百客户交流 1Password 的使用经验,以帮助我们进一步改进服务。

我们的团队规模刚刚超过100人,现在欢迎更多有志之士加入。 👋

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Every day is different and exciting in its own way. They all still have some things in common: I'm surrounded by amazing people, there's always something new to learn and I can count on rewarding experiences.

Pilar Garcia


Pilar Garcia
If you have a great idea and people generally agree, you are encouraged to run with it and see where it takes you.

Chris Meek

Coder of Clouds

Chris Meek
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远程办公,不限地点,自由灵活。 你可以在家、在咖啡馆、甚至在露营地或火山口办公,只要保证网络连接稳定可靠就行了。 我的员工来自全球30多个不同城市,从新西兰到德国都有我们的身影,当然别忘了我们在多伦多的小办公室。

  • Flexible scheduling


    我们尽可能少安排会议,让你专注于 1Password 的开发、支持和设计。这意味着你可以灵活安排每天的日程,自己做主。

  • Monthly allowance to stay healthy



  • Annual retreats on a cruise ship



  • Tech allowance


    你将获得 1Password 开发和支持所需的必要装备。

  • Competitive salary


  • Flexible time away


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1Password 紧跟时代潮流。我们会不断更新研发工具,有时甚至会果断的引入新工具来代替过时的方案。

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It is wonderful. Our entire team is remote, which means everyone is on equal footing with regards to the work environment. (My answer would be quite different if I were the only remote engineer on a team where everyone else shared an office). At any given point I’m only a simple phone call away from being able to collaborate with the rest of my team. Additionally, working from home allows me to flex my hours as needed to take my kiddos to school, run a quick errand, or take a late night phone call if it’s needed.

Michael Fey

Cocoa Farmer

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