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1Password X for Linux

Get to know 1Password for Linux

Learn how to use 1Password on Linux to fill and save passwords, find and edit items, and more.

Use 1Password X

With 1Password X you can create unique and memorable passwords, easily sign in to accounts, fill credit card details and use as an authenticator for any site that supports two-factor authentication. Use keyboard shortcuts to create new items, copy passwords, or search for information in your vaults.

Use the command-line tool as a standalone 1Password client
Manage objects

Use the command-line tool

The 1Password command-line tool makes it easy to work with users, vaults, and items, as well as managing multiple 1Password accounts. You can use the tool as a simple, text-based 1Password client or it can be seamlessly integrated to work with your own scripts and workflows.

Seamless sync between devices

Anything you add to 1Password is automatically synced across all other devices. You have access to your passwords and information wherever you are. Powerful search and custom tagging make it easy to find data in your account.


More than just passwords

The Wi-Fi password. Your credit card details. Software license keys. There’s a lot you need to keep track of, but with 1Password it’s right at your fingertips.


Get started

1Password is the most private and fully featured password manager for Linux users.

Download 1Password X Or download the command-line tool