Learn how more than 100,000 developers secure their software development workflows with 1Password.

Push, pull, and sign your Git commits

Generate and store SSH keys in 1Password, then scan your fingerprint to use them in any Git or SSH client via the built-in SSH agent.

Get started with SSH

Secure your SSH keys

Remove vulnerable SSH keys from your disk. Instead, create and configure modern keys directly in 1Password with a few clicks. No need to look up SSH keygen commands.

Authorize SSH connections with biometrics

Use the built-in SSH agent to seamlessly authenticate Git and SSH workflows with Touch ID, Windows Hello, or Linux system-auth.

Sign your Git commits

Get that "verified" badge on your GitHub or GitLab commits with built-in support for SSH key-powered Git commit signing.

Secure your code from line 1

Scan your fingerprint to use and manage secrets directly within your development environment – and keep them in sync across devices, systems, and platforms.

Get started with 1Password CLI
1Password access being requested via a terminal command, highlighting 1Password CLI integration with GitLab, GitHub, AWS, Sentry, Stripe, and Snyk CLIs.

Bring biometrics to any CLI

Secure API access tokens in 1Password and authenticate third-party CLIs using biometrics with 1Password Shell Plugins. Or, build your own via the community project.

Explore Shell Plugins
1Password for VS Code showing the option to save credentials in 1Password directly in VS Code, with the corresponding AWS Access Key also shown in 1Password for Mac.

Keep secrets out of code

Store secrets in encrypted vaults and access them in your code with references that are replaced at runtime with 1Password for VS Code and other IDE integrations.

Explore 1Password for VS Code
1Password Admin Dashboard displaying a list of 1Password users, and a terminal showing commands to grant user access to a 1Password vault.

Automate common tasks

Save time by automating administrative workflows for provisioning users, managing permissions, and generating custom reports with 1Password CLI.

Explore 1Password CLI

Test and deploy code securely, everywhere

Automatically sync secrets to your CI/CD environments with pre-built integrations, or create your own custom integrations.

Get started with CI/CD integrations
List of 1Password CI/CD integrations, including CircleCI, GitHub, and Jenkins, and SDK integrations, including Python, Go, and Node.js.

Access secrets in CI/CD pipelines

Instead of adding plaintext secrets in your CI/CD configurations, secure secrets in 1Password and reference them within your pipeline with prebuilt integrations for CircleCI, GitHub Actions, and Jenkins.

Maintain a single source of truth

Rotate secrets in 1Password to automatically update them in your CI/CD environment and everywhere they're referenced. Use service accounts to help you centralize secrets management and reduce secrets sprawl.

Build custom integrations

Need an integration that’s not available yet? Build a custom integration with 1Password CLI or SDKs for Go, Node.js, and Python that provide access to 1Password Connect Server via REST APIs.

Provision infrastructure secrets in production

Secure, orchestrate, and manage infrastructure secrets and automatically load them into server applications and beyond.

Get started with secrets management

Save time configuring environments

Automatically load secrets into configuration files that can be safely checked into source control and kept in sync throughout your dev and production environments.

Access secrets in your apps and infrastructure

Secure secrets, programmatically access them in your apps, and collaborate with your team with 1Password Service Accounts and 1Password CLI. No need to deploy additional infrastructure.

Programmatically provision secrets at scale

Fully manage your secrets via a REST API and pass them to services that require authentication. The Connect server provides client-side caching within your infrastructure for added reliability and reduced latency.

Get started with 1Password Developer Tools

Integrate 1Password into your workflows to speed up development and strengthen security.

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Build and contribute with 1Password

Create custom integrations, connect with the community, and discover new open-source projects.

Students: Get a free year of 1Password

Protect your online life, at school and beyond. Claim your free one year subscription to 1Password with the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

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Add passkey sign-in to your app with just a few lines of code

Implement passwordless authentication in your app or website in minutes. Give your customers the sign-in experience they deserve with proven security and unrivaled convenience.

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Explore 1Password open source projects

  • 1Password for VS Code

  • 1Password Shell Plugins

  • op-js (JavaScript library)

  • SDKs and more

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