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  • ★★★★★
    Perfectly simple Just what I need.Maggie_Re via App Store

  • ★★★★★
    Must have utility. Fantastic app. Simply a must have.moiety5 via App Store

  • International travel while maintaining your privacy (and dignity!) has become increasingly tough. We need better tools to help protect ourselves against unwarranted searches and the leakage of business and personal secrets. 1Password is taking a great step in that direction with their new Travel Mode. Bravo.David Heinemeier Hansson on our blog

  • I could spend hours telling you how awesome 1Password is...Simone from

  • Not only is 1Password a terrific password manager, it’s also a surprisingly useful tool for sussing out vulnerabilities.Thomas from App Store

  • 1Password is just so goddamned smart about fixing a serious problem that I hate dealing with. That’s maybe the definition of an awesome app. Merlin Mann on Twitter

  • I switched to 1Password for Families a few months ago. Rock-solid so far. Marco Arment on Twitter

  • ★★★★★
    Best Password Manager Period. I’ve been using 1password for years. In my opinion it is absolutely essential software. As long as it continues working the way it has for me, I will be a loyal customer. Thanks 1password, you’ve saved me many a headache!CorradoRossi via App Store

  • 1Password continues to be an excellent app, and while I used to say that it’s more than a password manager, now I would argue that 1Password is more than an app. MacStories

  • BTW - I use @1Password for all my passwords, and I love it. Wil Wheaton on Twitter

  • 1Password makes me feel better about my account securities Felicia Day on Lifehacker

  • ★★★★★
    I just realized I’ve been using 1Password for seven years. I switched to 1Password because of syncing corruption problems with my previous password manager. In seven years, it has never failed me, and syncs effortlessly to all my devices. It is probably the most important program I own, yet I never have to think about it - it just works. 1Password is the best password manager you can buy, bar none.Nightcap via App Store

  • ★★★★★
    CBS had a piece on passwords and all their pains. I used that to get family members to use 1Password. Touch ID IPhone & 1Password go together like chocolate and peanut butter.DavidRawheiser via App Store

  • ★★★★★
    I have a 1Password subscription for my Team and my Family. Great value, great product.Logan from App Store

  • ★★★★★
    Feels like an Apple application. More than satisfied. I have been using 1Password since 2014 and have watched it evolve into a better product every day. This app is used more than most of Apple’s stock applications. It has earned a place in my dock. Thanks for making security so easy!mellow0324 via App Store

  • For teams or families that need to simply and securely share passwords, 1Password is definitely the best choice.Andrew at Android Central

  • ★★★★★
    Superb. This app goes above and beyond my expectations. It is perfect for anyone seeking to organize their passwords in a secure and efficient manor.King_Kangaroo via App Store

  • ★★★★★
    Best password manager you could get, can’t live without it. The developers of this app have thought of everything. Anyone who has a Mac should own this app. Very secure with your master password. Rock solid with with the iOS app. Great idea of “1Password mini” that you can open from any time to look up passwords. Has a great password generator that you can use within the app or even within one of the many browser extensions to generate random, secure passwords. Even has security audit features (my favorite part) which show weak passwords, passwords that haven’t been changed over a certain length of time (ex. 6 months, 1 year, etc) and even duplicate passwords. Highly recommend to anyone. Well worth the investment. I can’t live without it.sflomenbvia via App Store

  • I look forward to using the new app on Windows, and being part of the next generation of 1Password’s awesomeness.Benjamin via Email

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    The new 1Password for teams is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. The amount of access control, and device level authentication is sooooo nice. This product is no jokeRyan from Twitter

  • Having looked at a number of competitors, and comparing them I can say that 1Password is still the most well-rounded password manager on the market... One sign of a truly great app is the community of users that rise up around it to savor its details and share its best features.Robert from The Sweet Setup

  • ★★★★★
    Works well. Good integration across platforms and a no nonsense design help make this a great solution for password security.Befrand via App Store

  • With a ton of great features and cross-platform compatibility out the wazoo, 1Password is easily one of the best password management solutions around.Mike and Allyson from iMore

  • ★★★★★
    Gold Standard for Password Management Hands down, the best password manager for the Mac. Some of my favorite features include: great random password creator, well maintained by the developers, cross-platform for macOS and iOS, Safari browser extension, dependable app (has never crashed on me) and a clean UI where you can add custom images for icons. It seems pricy at first glance, but considering its attention to detail, usefulness and reliability—especially compared to slow, prone to crashing alternatives—it really is a bargain. It is absolutely essential to my daily workflow and could not recommend it highly enough.Bonzo1980 via App Store

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    Its been with me for 4 years, then for my company now for my family. From a product perspective you guys nailed addressing real problem.Paulo from Twitter

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    I subscribed to family months ago and could then already not imagine a digital life without 1Password. Worth every cent.Ben from Twitter

  • 1Password has saved me more times than I can count, I use it often throughout my day. The shared accounts program is brilliant. I have a friend who gave me a little post-it note pad that said, "Ain’t nobody got time for 50 Bajillion Million passwords" or something like that, and it is so true. It’s gotten ridiculous and I forget passwords Every. Single. Day. I am just that person who does forget, because they are annoying and ridiculous and I have better things to think about, and with sites not allowing you to use a previously used password, well I would be lost without your program.Candace Craw-Goldman

  • I use 1Password as my secure password manager and its Touch ID support is something I use multiple times each day. Entering your master password less often makes using an even stronger one still convenient.Zac from 9to5Mac

  • 1Password for Mac, an app everyone should be using because it’s awesomeNate from The Next Web

  • I seldom write reviews but 1Password deserves one. I have used several password generators/managers but all pale in comparison to 1Password. The program is easy to use, full featured, stable, constantly updated, well supported, and with a nice GUI. I keep all sorts of sensitive information in 1Password, I trust it. The developers have a good sense of humor and are always considerate with the messages they include with app. updates. 1Password is one of the first programs I install with a new Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch. I highly recommend the application. You will not be disappointed, it is money well spent and far less than the financial consequences of having your accounts hacked!Dr. Mosbacker on the Mac App Store

  • 1Password is one of the best ways to store and manage all of your passwords, and now it wants to start working for entire families.Jacob from The Verge

  • 1Password is probably the best known and best supported password manager.Andrew from Ars Technica

  • Even if you’re actually competent at adult life, you should be using a password manager ...1Password is my preferred app ...and it’s got the most elegant interface of any of the password managers I’ve used.Alex from The Guardian

  • ★★★★★
    My favorite Mac app. I couldn’t imagine my life without 1Password. Having all my passwords store securely gives me peace of mind and is very convenient.Camwich81 via App Store

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    The new 1Password is beautiful. Job very well done. Can’t imagine living without 1Password anymore actually.Jesper from Twitter

  • But what I really love about 1Password are the massive number of options you have. You can store bank information, frequently-used identity information, your driver’s license, a software license, even the info for your wireless router. On each individual login item, You’ve got standard fields for username and password and the website that those credentials go to, but then there’s also room for one-time passwords, notes, tags, when login items should be displayed, and even custom fields. Joseph Keller from iMore

  • 1Password is easily the best password management utility on the Mac.Leo Laporte from This Week in Tech

  • I’ve used 1Password for a long time. Best UI leads to the best UX. Nothing to complain about, simply the best software out there! John from TheBestVPN

  • Definitely one of the most useful apps that are currently installed on my Mac. Have tried several other password managers but none of them was even close to 1Password’s functionality. Sean from CleverFiles

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