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Your employees are going to love using 1Password

If you have security software you don't enjoy using, you won't use it. We know everyone will love using 1Password. It makes using strong passwords easy.

Staying safe online is a habit that needs to be nurtured. A good business password manager is the best way to spread security best practices throughout your company. When everyone uses 1Password, your risk goes down — and your productivity goes up.

1Password Advanced Protection

1Password Advanced Protection

Your business already has its own access and security policies, and now you can enforce them in 1Password with Advanced Protection. Set Master Password requirements, enforce two-factor authentication, create firewall rules, require up-to-date apps, and monitor sign-in attempts.

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Used by over 50,000 businesses with hundreds of glowing reviews

Controls you can count on

Your business already has access and security policies. 1Password lets you enforce them with advanced permission controls.

Grant and revoke access to shared passwords and documents, both to individuals and groups. Delegate responsibilities to your department leads so they can manage their own teams with custom groups and vaults.

Audit log

Reports you can trust

Create custom, printable usage reports to see which passwords were accessed, who accessed them, and when. Look up individual employees or entire vaults.

Your dashboard shows you at a glance everything that needs your attention and also provides analytics for how your business is using 1Password.

Geckoboard quote
I read about the security behind 1Password and I found that it had been well-researched and was very thorough - it put my mind at ease.

Read the Geckoboard case study Geckoboard uses 1Password

Ready, set, deploy

Deployment is easy no matter the size of your business or how it's structured. 1Password integrates with Active Directory and Okta so you can provision your employees using the processes you already have in place.

Active Directory and Okta integration with 1Password.

Security and compliance

Strong, multi-key encryption is the foundation of our security model and ensures that only you control your own data. Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection for your business.

1Password complies with the most stringent industry standards for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

If your company has data residency requirements, we provide regional hosting and pricing in Europe and Canada.

SOC and SOC 2 compliance GDPR compliance Bugcrowd

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Free family accounts for every employee

Free family accounts for every employee

1Password Business includes free family accounts for everyone in your company. When your employees practice good password hygiene in their personal lives, they'll be safer at work, too.

Treat everyone you work with to the gift of 1Password. Multiple accounts make it easy to separate personal data from business data, and at the same time see everything you need on all of your devices.

Not just a pretty face

Powerful precise security management

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